Across the Gutter our first exhibition featuring Sacha Vega, Ryan Arthurs, Claudio Nolasco, Nicole Reber and Joe Leavenworth as well as pop up bookshop and many more events listed below.
Video here.

July 17th-22nd, 2014
110 Meserole Ave
Brooklyn, NY

Saturday and Sunday we will be open from 11am-11pm

The bookshop will be open during all events and all day Saturday and Sunday.


Book Night & Preview/ Thursday July 17th 6pm-10pm

Come by see a selection of Oranbeg’s Publications and drop off your so you can add your book to In One Place or Another an exhibition taking place in August at Aviary in Jamaica Plain, MA. Fill out a Raffle ticket for an Oranbeg Goodie Bag.

Exhibition Opening Reception/ Friday July 18th 6pm-12am

Featuring Sacha Vega, Ryan Arthurs, Claudio Nolasco, Nicole Reber andJoe Leavenworth & Release of 3 new Interleaves by Charlie Rubin,Matthew Liefheit & Bryan Formhals

Oranbeg NET Projection Show/ Saturday July 19th Projection starts at 8pm
Open from 11am-11pm

Oranbeg Net is a series of online group exhibitions hosted on Oranbeg Press. Each show will involve a different curator or curators who create a prompt for each exhibition. The Exhibition is also available as a downloadable PDF. Featuring NET shows 1-6
Net 1
Curators: Max Branigan & Ryan Oskin
Artists: Tammy Mercure, Roxana Azar, Alyssa Kazew, Carlos Lowenstein, Cait Oppermann, Juan Madrid, James Gentile, Andrew Jarman and James Smolka

Curator:Tammy Mercure
Artists: Matthew Crowther, Noelle McCleaf,Nathaniel Grossman , Robert Hubert, Jess Smith , Ben McNutt, Jaclyn Wright, Sophie Chen, Tara Wray, Ian Lewandowski, Sara J Winston, Colleen Mann,Michael Marcelle , Jay Muhlin, Stephen Harper, Marisa Gertz, Nathaniel Grann, Trevor Powers,
Jesse Untracht-Oakner and Gregory Kaplowitz.

Curator: Juan Madrid
Artists: Matthew Avignone, Max Branigan, Sam Cannon, Anna Clem, Denis Doorly, Mark Geil,Gregory Gentert, Tristan Hutchison, Gregory Kaplowitz, Marissa Long, Colleen Mann, Jessica Marx,Tammy Mercure, Paul Sisson, Kat Slootsky, Jess Smith, Drew Swantak, Jesse Untracht-Oakner,Hillary Vinokur and Nick Wilkinson

Curators: Nathaniel Grann & Jordan Swartz of Empty Stretch
Artists:William Olmsted, Alan Hunter, Bethany Barton, Jordan Baumgarten, Alex McTigue , Lluîs Tudela,Justine Tobiasz, Colin Todd, Jaclyn Wright, Jacob Fogel, Allison Clarke, Matt Eich, Anna Leigh Clem, Anne Erhard, Javier Vallas, Dawn Whitmore, Brad Westcott, Dogan Arslanoglu, Jay Muhlin,Michael Ast, Amiko Li, Marlon Correa, Ethan Browning, Nathan Pearce Stefano Marchionini, Aaron Canipe, Hillary Vinokur, Matt Lief Anderson, and Kanthy Peng

Curators: Colin Todd & Michael Vahrenwald.
Artists: Adam Forrester, Andrew Guenther, Bryan Zimmerman, Carl Gunhouse, Daniel Terna,
Dru Donovan, Jaroslaw Studencki, Keegan Grandbois, Matthew Mili, Mores McWreath,
Nicholas Bridges, Reilly Miller, Robert Lyons, Sean Stewart, Stephanie Gross, Stephanie Kaznocha,Susan Lipper, Susan Surface, Theo Slavin, Thomas Albdorf, TuanAnh NP, William Shields andWilliam W Douglas III

Curators: Sarah Pfohl and Derek R. Ford.
Artists: Chris Moffett, Jay Gould, Nydia Blas Williams, Josh Brilliant, Mitch Patrick, Jacob Riddle,Rose Marie Cromwell and Lizz Thabet.

Primer Nite/ Sunday July 20th Reading starts at 7pm
Open from 11am-11pm

A Series of Poetry and Prose readings. Featuring Ian Lewandowski, Cyan Perry and Khalym Kari Burke-Thomas. Moderated by Max Branigan

Beta Launch/ Monday July 21st 6pm-11pm

The Launch of Oranbeg’s newest publishing project Beta.The work was sourced through an open call which artist were asked to create a single double sided postcard for a collected set that is then placed within a VHS Cassette tape box. Featuring work from Rytis Gervickas, Stepanka Peterka, Loic Thisse, Tammy Mercure, Andrew Hammerand, David Lurvey, Tristan Hutchinson, Andrew Frost, Ellen Wallenstein, Varvara Mikushkina, Jesse Untracht-Oakner, Maggie Shannon, Juan Madrid, Theo Slavin, Nicole White, Ricky Rhodes, Alex Nelson, Zora Murff, Evan Deuitch, TJ Elias, Jonathan Pivovar, Aleck Venegas, Kendell Harbin, Matthew Cronin, William Shields, Jay Muhlin,Matthew Crowther, Ben McNutt, Nic McInturff, Lauren Wansker, Noelle McCleaf, Jaclyn Wright, Magali Duzant, Sara J. Winston, Marisa Gertz, Alex Thebez, Kat Slootsky, Lindsay Metivier, Max Braningan, Colin Todd and Samantha Sutcliffe.
Box design by David Yanofsky