NET 01

not forgotten
Prompt: A palimpsest is any sort of scroll or parchment in which the original text is
erased, but still legible. Exceedingly important texts have been found only as the half
erased markings beneath otherwise irrelevant writing. For the astute historian, it is wise
to consider every document as a potentially holding realities it has overwritten. Stuck between documentary truth and fine-art fiction, artists today are highlighting this flimsy dichotomy and demonstrating that often, the most pressing realities are only seen when
we look for whats erased.

Curators: Max Branigan & Ryan Oskin

Artists: Tammy Mercure, Roxana Azar, Alyssa Kazew, Carlos Lowenstein, Cait Oppermann, Juan Madrid, James Gentile, Andrew Jarman and James Smolka