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A Little Bit of LUCK Postcard

One of my favorite things at book fairs is meeting people I probably wouldn’t normally get to meet. At the book fairs Oranbeg has participated in over the past couple of years, I have handed out small stamped shamrock cards to anyone who stops by the table. Handing them the card I say "Here, have a little bit of luck.” As they take the token the response has often been,"I definitely needed this."

This idea came from my Aunt. For as long as I can remember, every St. Patrick’s Day all of her nephews and nieces get a “Happy St. Patrick’s Day” card and a felt shamrock sticker. This stems from a tradition from her Aunt in Ireland who come St. Patrick's day would send actual shamrocks pressed between a piece of paper to my Aunt and her siblings.

The A Little Bit of LUCK cards were turned into a 5x7 inch postcard, each hand stamped with a shamrock and a back design by Split Graphics on the occasion of Printed Matter’s Virtual Art Book Fair in 2021.

Each postcard is $2

︎ USD $2 each

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We will send you a blank postcard so you can mail it along to whoever.

Option 2 Add to Cart
We will write a message for you and mail it to you.

Option 3 Add to Cart
Have us write a message for whomever you’d like to send some luck,  and we will send it to them.

*If you have chosen option 2 or 3 please write your note in the checkout section. We will then confirm your message in a separate email to you.

Imacon/Flextight X1 T-Shirt

A Tshirt for those that scan. 

Nozzle Check T-Shirt

A T-Shirt for all those that are fellow printer nerds. Each T-Shirt comes with an actual nozzle check

Color Print Viewing Filter Tote

A tote bag for those precious memories of time spent in a Color Darkroom

︎ $15 USD
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The (Abridged) Magic Compendium
The (Abridged) Magic Compendium was created from the titles of magic tricks listed in a found catalogue which sold instructions and the materials needed to perform various tricks.

Featured Magicians:
Grant Willing
Lauren Roeder
Nelson Chan
Martha Ormiston
Matt Baczewski

︎ $15 USD
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