NET 2.0 is the second iteration of the online exhibition series hosted on Oranbeg Press. Each show will have a prompt for the call for submissions leading to the online exhibition, PDF and now a printed publication. Each aspect of the NET SERIES (online gallery, pdf, and printed publication) will present the selected work in a different manner and sequence.

NET 1.0 was a series of online group exhibitions hosted on Oranbeg Press. Each show had a different guest curator or curators who create a prompt for the call for submissions leading to the online exhibition. The Exhibition is also available as a downloadable PDF.

NET 2.0 Exhibitions

NET 2.1 Double Life
NET 2.2 Romantic Comedy
NET 2.3 AutoCorrect
NET 2.4 Moments that stay
NET 2.5 A Paragraph & the Joint Photographic Experts Group
NET 2.6 What does natural look like?
NET 2.7 I'd Rather Go Blind with guest curator Patrice Helmar
NET 2.8 What will suffice with guest curator Tim Carpenter
NET 2.9 It's a toss up.

NET 1.0 Exhibitions

NET 1.01 not forgotten
Curators: Max Branigan & Ryan Oskin
NET 1.02 A New Romance 
Curator: Tammy Mercure
NET 1.03 The Chimera 
Curator: Juan Madrid
NET 1.04 I fear for my safety 
Curators: Nathaniel Grann & Jordan Swartz
NET 1.05 Bastards
Curators: Colin Todd & Michael Vahrenwald
NET 1.06 Art as Theory
Curators: Sarah Pfohl and Derek R. Ford.
NET 1.07 Ingest/Digest
Curators: Marisa Gertz, Peter Marquez, Alex Thebez & Michael Fivis
NET 1.08 Contemporary Youth
Curator: Dean Davies
NET 1.09 Personal Space
Curator: Trevor Powers 
Curator: Max Marshall
NET 1.11 The Poetic Narrative
Curators: Ashley Kauschinger & Ethan Fogus
NET 1.12 Sans Visage: The Anti-portrait
Curators: Kathleen and Christopher Sleboda
NET 1.13 The Dark is Light Enough
Curator: Lindsay Metivier
Curators: Roxana Azar and Ginevra Shay
NET 1.15 How high can you...
Curators: Ryan Arthurs, Dan Boardman,
Eric Ruby & Dylan Nelson
NET 1.16 Ectoplasm
Curator: Ulrike Biets
NET 1.17 Digital Grotesque
Curator: Gregory Eddi Jones
NET 1.18 The Brady Bunch: Going North
Curator: Lexi Brown