NET 03

The Chimera
Prompt:In Greek mythology, a chimera is a fire-breathing beast made up of parts of a lion, snake, and goat. In a less fantastical sense, the world is full of chimeras - a fusion of multiple objects and the spaces that contain them forming brand-new entities. These chimeras retain characteristics of the things they're made up of but also gain new traits, both palpable and intangible. Photography can make these visible and reveal a literal or metaphysical reality that is influenced by the material and spiritual worlds surrounding us.

Curator: Juan Madrid

Artists: Matthew Avignone, Max Branigan, Sam Cannon, Anna Clem, Denis Doorly, Mark Geil, Gregory Gentert, Tristan Hutchison, Gregory Kaplowitz, Marissa Long, Colleen Mann, Jessica Marx, Tammy Mercure, Paul Sisson, Kat Slootsky, Jess Smith, Drew Swantak, Jesse Untracht-Oakner, Hillary Vinokur and Nick Wilkinson