NET 07

Prompt: Your gastrointestinal tract is 9 meters long. You eat: for the next 24 to 72 hours each mouthful will be ground down, broken apart, denatured, processed and, finally, absorbed - or excreted. Nearly a ton a year.

87% of us (in America) have some kind of life online. Nearly 2000 hours a year. We communicate using text, video, and images: with each other, with organizations, and with technology itself. Every day we eat, for sustenance, for pleasure, or for social interaction. We consume this digital stuff for the same reasons, every day, and at an accelerating pace.

Does this make you feel invigorated? Or bloated?

Curators: The Gifriends
-Marisa Gertz
-Peter Marquez
-Alex Thebez
-Michael Fivis

Artists: Lana Z Caplan, Richard Perez, Benjamin Davis, Andrew Williams, Ulrike Biets, Laura Thompson, Antti Auvinen, Elizabeth Harnarine, Elisabeth Hogeman, Sam Cannon, Evan Deuitch, Jenna Garrett, Marilyn Goh Yunjin, Vicki Thai and Jonny Abraham