NET 08

Contemporary Youth
Prompt: The formative years of adolescence and early adulthood represent a period of mischief, experimentation and identity formulation.
I would like to see photographs that capture the powerful determination yet simmering
frailty of the younger generation. Send in your portraits of contemporary youth.

Curator Dean Davies of TRIP Mag

Artists: Heather Iris Galt-Mcloughlin, Jordan Baumgarten, Ashley Catharine Smith, Colleen Mann, Mitch Borden, Zora Murff, Sarah Anthony, Jeff Dietz, Tammy Mercure, Benjamin Davis, Eleanor Bleier, Rachel Woroner, Amiko Li, Stephanie Noritz, Landon Speers, D'Angelo Williams, Lana Z Caplan, Matt MacPake, Michelle Groskopf, Gorsad, Cecilia Ferraro, Alyssa Kazew, Nathan Pearce, David Whyte, Hannah Abel-Hirsch, Erin Geideman, Moby Howeidy and Carisa Mitchell.