NET 09:

Personal Space
Prompt: The notion of personal space (along with intimate, social and public space) was introduced in 1966 by anthropologist Edward T. Hall, who created the concept of proxemics - the branch of knowledge that deals with the amount of space that people feel it necessary to set between themselves and others.

As the most portable type of space, a person's personal space is carried with them everywhere they go. It is the most inviolate form of territory, and is highly variable and difficult to measure.

Is this space even possible to document, let alone see or measure?
What exists in this “inviolate” space of yours? Of others?
What happens when examples of this space leave the natural [personal] world and become grouped together specifically for an online exhibition?

Curator Trevor Powers

Artists: Gorsad, Hollis Johnson, Jessica Pierotti, Vivienne Luo Wang, Brenda Bingham, Esther S. White, Tammy Mercure, Collin Avery, Dina Lun, Williams Douglas, Vivien Ayroles, Jesse Untracht Oakner, Benoit Chailleux, Brittany Marcoux, Max Branigan, Amy Brockman, Will Ashton and Natalia Baluta.