NET 12

Sans Visage: The Anti-portrait

Prompt:We would like to see portraits that reject traditional ideas of classic portraiture. We want to see: the back of a head, a covered face, a shrouded figure half-glimpsed—in short, images activated by a rejection of facial feature centrality, but still focused on the human form. We're interested in how a portrait exists in a space where expression and mood are communicated without the face as primary device, and in the political and personal implications of such non-portraits. We are looking for engagement through other means—anti-portraits and portraits undone.

Curators: Kathleen and Christopher Sleboda of Draw Down.

Artists: Nando Alvarez, Sergiy Barchuk, Petter Berg, Josh Brilliant, Andrew Fillmore, India Gibson, Andrew Janjigian, Hollis Johnson, Arseni Khamzin, Marine Lemonnier, Andrew Lyman, Colleen Mann, Stefano Marchionini, Zora Murff, Jessica Pettway, Amaal Said, Shane Terry, TJ Tambellini, Jesse Untracht-Oakner, Inès Berra Viola, Feiyi Wen and Guanyu Xu.