NET 14

Prompt: we could not escape it, the image, the photograph, repeating, expanding, swelling. in-between the matter and the thought. accelerating or maintaining. the material, shifting, becoming. gesture evolving into action. moving into symbolic meanings.

the totality of imagery is an ambiguous mythology, not yet recorded, infinite and all-encompassing. compounding totemic objects floating in an illimitable sea — photographic offerings. The aligning of symbolic images becoming ritual practice. always returning. a broad shrine that fades in and out.

a new recombinant mythology; unraveling. rebuilding. tracing transitions, translating and retelling. there's a new glass: a mirror. images existing on a perceptual threshold. cosmogonic gestures becoming an elusive encyclopedia of incidental forms, sacred scattered texts, illuminated and illuminating boundless space.

Curators: Roxana Azar and Ginevra Shay

Sophia Belkin, Robin Cracknell, Marcus DeSieno, Diego Diez, Izaac Enciso, Everything Is Collective, Hadi Fallahpisheh, Julie Grosche, Max Guy, Hollis Johnson, KangHee Kim, Lauren Kosta, Camille Lévêque, Emily Mason, Stephanie Price, Christine Rogers, Alfredo Salazar-Caro, Yarden Salei, Fedor Shklyaruk and Haley Weiss