NET 16

Prompt: Ectoplasm is a strange, mystical substance that flows out of the openings of a medium's body during a seance. It's a hint for the existence of paranormal phenomena and spirits, who try to interact in the physical and real universe. Ectoplasm can take any shape or form, from abstract tissue to a human face, hand or entire body. It may appear in any color or texture: vaporous, pasty, soft, cold, warm, hard, elastic, fibrous, dark, luminous, smoky, sticky, thick or syrupy. Although it seldom loses contact with the medium to pursue an independent life this, however, must be held a possibility.

Curator: Ulrike Biets

Tammy Mercure, Svetlana Biryukova, Joshua Matthews, Meghan Boilard, Camille Lévêque,
Justin Audet, Cristina Dunlap, D’Angelo Williams, Michael Ast, Grant GIll, Peter Hoffman,
Ryan Duffin, Jeffrey Dietz, Newsha Naderzad, Nicky Miller and Dan Rubenbauer