As of Late

a set of publications that are
- 5 1⁄2 by 8 1⁄2 inches
- 16 pages
- Saddle stitched on the left or top
- Printed in an edition of 30.
-Each publication features one photographer/writer/artist
-Showcasing their recent and in progress work

Set #A
Josh Brilliant, Carla Liesching, Sean D. Henry-Smith, Samantha Sutcliffe, Grant Willing, Taylor Galloway, Nicolina Schonfarber, Sarah Anthony and Daniel Duarte
Released September 2017

Set #B
Virgina Purcell and Max Branigan
Released October 2017

Set #C
Patrice Helmar, Martha Ormiston, Blythe Cross and David Lurvey
Released June 2018

Set #D
Tim Carpenter, Paula Lombardi, Sean Stewart, Carl Gunhouse, Emmerson German, Jay Muhlin, Andrew Frost, Lindley Warren Mickunas, Jaclyn Kolev Brown, Pablo Lerma, Ross Mantle, Brooke Goldman, Christopher Postlewaite, Todd I. Lauther, Joe Librandi-Cowan and Sara J. Winston
Released September 2018

Set #E
Nelson Chan, Marcella Green, Janet Solval, Lauren Roeder, Courtney Asztalos, Michael W. Hicks, Rose Bennett, Alex Nelson, and Edith Fikes
Released October 2018

Set #F
Will Matsuda, Sarah Palmer, Kevin Kunstadt, Alyssa Minahan, Kelsey Sucena, Alana Celii, Eduardo L Rivera, and Andrew Jarman
Released April 2019

Set #G
Emily Vallee
Released November 2019