Fade/ Fail / Flow

The sun fades throughout the day.
Til it turns toward the other side
and stray lights are revealed.
Even more gas giants above
the dark vacuum of ocean.
Too far in distance
Just close enough
to connect the dots.
Another rock is there, too.
Shifting through the shades: 
full, half, crescent, and new.
Waxing and waning along
the way in a lunar time.
The rotation picks up
towards another 
leaped year. 

Artists: Alyssa Minahan, Veronica Baldauf, Barbara Bosworth, Mackenzie Lynch, Amy Fink, Emily Sheffer, Matthew David Crowther, Brooke Goldman, Arturo Soto, Ayda Gragossian, Erica Quinn, Sophie Barbasch, Jessina Leonard, Yonatan Schechnery, K. Kovacs, Jon Feinstein, Sara J. Winston, Magali Duzant, Ryan Helfant, John Kinney, Kira Walz, Daax Gjegji, Michael Zuhorski, Daniel Anthony McCabe, Rachel Guardiola, Kelly Burgess, and Ryan Frigillana

Temporary Exhibition: Images being released May 9th! 

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