Deadline: December 21st @ 11:59pm EST


In the desert, nobody seems to care about who will be president.

Instead I meet a man watering his lonely tree in hopes that it might not succumb, as he has, to the solemn winter sun. I wonder for a moment if this practice might kill the tree? If perhaps it is growing in the desert for a reason? I think it best not to speculate on kindness, and so, I photograph him instead.

I have made ten thousand pictures hoping that they might water a desert that probably doesn’t need it. I have begged, stolen and borrowed, borrowed so fucking much, to make this work work. And I have called my work work, for lack of a better word.

It is getting hard to feel that art can make a difference anymore. Hard to see these victories of ours as anything but pyrrhic. Hard to imagine a space beyond the roots of my friend's tree, that hard Earth drenched in soft cool water, and yet we are compelled to see a forest where otherwise none could stand. It is hard work, we are told, but at least it is good experience.

I used to think that art necessarily serves as a space beyond capitalism. I know now that the two are inextricably linked. I am desperate, as I think we are all desperate, to articulate new models for relating to art beyond this consumer-oriented dog-eat-dog which we are asked each day to accept. I refuse, and though my refusal may come too late and mean too little, I refuse to think that our refusals are not in some way great.


“Deserting positively from the culture wars  must mean to exit from forms of sovereign individuality forged through property and competition; to abandon behavioral patterns born from isolation and the fear of social decline; to perform otherwise by relating differently; to transform or undercommon existing institutional structures; to institute otherwise; and to create para-institutions or artist’ organizations, collective personae and operational fictions, connections and coalitions”
- Sven Lütticken, Performing Culture Otherwise, Deserting from the Culture Wars

Guest Curated by Kelsey Sucena

In addition to the work being online the work will also be displayed at a TBD location. 

Submission details⁣ ⁣
For this open call we are seeking the work of artists who are familiar with refusal. Whether they have felt refused, or have refused the idea that art ought to be competitive, exclusionary, and/or hierarchical, these artists yearn for something more.

Artists are asked to submit between four and eight images
(sRGB, JPG 2000px on the longest side at 300dpi)⁣
With your files labeled with your first name and last name and numbered.⁣

Writers may submit text in PDF form
Submission details for text (prose, poetry, etc.): Please send a pdf file.⁣

All submissions should be accompanied by a short statement/explanation articulating your desires, and their translation through your work. Also include a song to be added to a Spotify Playlist. ⁣

Please also include your name, links to your website/social media if applicable, and any other relevant information.

*If you have any questions please email