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Romantic Comedy

Prompt: Most popular culture has several genres or subgenres now.
From the blatantly obvious to the so obscure that you begin to question,
"how can this exist?"
Besides the classic cheesy action movie another favorite of many is the Romantic Comedy.
One tactic of this masterful genre showing the depiction of love through comedy is the "meet-cute".

Two Protagonist meet.
Through happenstance, kismet, and who knows how else.
They hit it off.
Or they drift away.
Does lightning strike twice.
Is it all about the grand gesture?

Holding a radio above your head on the front lawn.
Throwing yourself down the hill after realizing you've just thrown your true love down it seconds before and you go rolling down the hill after them.
A musical serenade in the football stands, the airplane or the subway.
The relentless pursuit.
Running through the city to find each other.
Or just letting them go.
Why can't it always just be a happy ending.

Artists: Dennis Santella, Fraser Stanley, Inès Berra Viola, Matthew Spiegelman, Caiti Borruso, Lauren Roeder, Jaclyn Brown, Alex Nelson, Brenda Bingham, Cassidy Paul and Hollis Johnson.


Cover Design: Split Graphics