NET 2.6

What does natural look like......?

Prompt: Caught in between the act and thought.
Moving forward and backward, but also still.
Through the double apparatus of
the camera and the self.
How does this affect our result?
Where are we going?
Did the decisive moment pass or
are we all in a collective soup.
Is it cursive or not even in megabytes.
I'm no expert.
Hell, I'm just curious if it's even real anymore.
Aren't you? Can we get back, but still offer something
different. Is there a change of pace to occur?
Can we get back?

Artists: Michael W. Hicks, Alexa Cushing, Ernesto Solana, Manda Quevedo,
Rachel Fein-Smolinski, David Lurvey, Marc Newton, Dai ZhanKun, Rose Bennett,
Kristen Roles, Danny Peña, Joseph Ritchie and Amrita Stützle


Cover Design: Kevin O'Toole