NET 2.8

What will suffice
Prompt: In one of his more well-known poems, “Of Modern Poetry,” Wallace Stevens describes:
"The poem of the mind in the act of finding What will suffice."
In pre-modern times, the artist could use the symbols of mythology or religion to provide readymade meaning. But now there is no given, nothing waiting around to be discovered.
The philosopher Simon Critchley writes: “The only light with which we might view objects had to be kindled by us, by our activity.”
Similarly, John Gossage says, “I find the things that I photograph, in the way that I photograph them, to be beautiful.” It’s the creative activity (the intelligence, the imagination) of the maker – not the subject matter – that makes a picture sufficient.

Guest Curator: Tim Carpenter

Artists: Lindley Warren, Chelsea Mosher, Ian Kline, John Kilbane, Joseph Ritchie, Josh Schaedel, Lyudmila Zotova, Manda Quevedo, Michael Ast, Nathan Pearce, Elijah Barrett, Sloane Volpe, Nick Wilkinson, Austin Skiles, Ki Choquette and Stefan Vanthuyne