A mixtape. A sequence. A slideshow.
A conversation. A yard.
Days are slower.
Just shifting moments.
I’ve been looking back lately.
Looking for a thread to follow.
Something new, but maybe it’s old.
A dusty old box of mementos & things.
That forgotten hard drive, old notes, you’re unruly computer desktop.

Is it that you are writing daily as a way of having a conversation from afar.
Will you watch and take notice of the light that passes throughout
your home.Your daily routine may be different, but they’ll be a time to get
back and look back. 

Anna Leigh Clem, Marissa Iamartino, Arleth Pando, Brittany Smith, Camille DeSanto, Katherine March Driscoll, Ross Kiah, James Pershing,
Nick Tarasov, Sydney Ellison, John Kinney, Molly ColettaAlex GrabiecBrooklyn Cobb, Kira WalzMaxwell LaBelleJ CarrierBrooke Goldman,
Marisa GertzBrandon Foushee, Ryan Helfant, Alex Broadwell and Poghos Mehia.

Reminisce/miss⁣ the Playlist