Their on the same platform.
Though miss each other by
mere minutes or maybe it’s longer.

Running in a loop and just watching it all unfold.
Is what we all do.

Our memories are old film canisters.
They’ll be shown in your personal theater
where we all very easily may get stuck in
the glamour of the past.

There is that waiting.
There is that looking.
Searching for the point between
the past, present, and future.
Where do they converge to show
you this sort of path to follow.

Maybe it’s a glimmer. A spark.
A compass. A North Star or
just a chance roll of the dice.
In all of those moments,
you can’t hold onto hope.
Not all the time.
You also need some intuition
and a bit of a gut that can
make the decisions.

Alex Chan, Chris AdlerMatt BaczewskiBrooklyn CobbScott KaplanTaylor GallowayDelilah TwerskyLauren ZalloRaegan BirdJay Muhlin, Marcella Green, Samuel Herrera, Sarah Pfohl, Shane Anderson, Grant Willing, Jen Mawson, Ryan Helfant, Katie Severson, Jherry Ramirez, Vanessa Vargas, Morgan Collin, and Jamie Holland Jr.

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